суббота, 8 октября 2016 г.


Stage 2

The second stage will liquefy waste which will be pushed through the pipes without problems. So, after the stage one when waste has been ground up, the device will grind small pieces of food into liquid.

By getting the appliance with two grinding stages you will eliminate jams and will be able to get rid of small fish and meat bones, which is really helpful if you don’t want to have a nasty smell in your kitchen.

Stage 3

Yeah, this is the ideal garbage disposal model. Look for one with all three stages if you want to get a smart tool in your kitchen. Firstly, it will grind the food (vegetable and fruit peel, bones, rice) into small pieces after liquefying it, and finally, reliably get rid of waste without leaving any disturbing smell around your sink. Getting such disposal will help you to process even big bones.
Garbage disposal with all 3 stages of grinding are expensive, however, such purchase will serve you for years without breaks. If you want to buy a disposer for the first time or want to get a better new one, take a look at models with 3 grind stages and forget about waste around your cooking area.